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Who is Simret Nanda, M.D.?

Simret Nanda, M.D. is a psychiatrist and physician who is dedicated to providing the best
treatment to her patients. She is in touch with the psychiatric issues that both
children/adolescents and adults face on a daily basis. She specializes in medication
management of a variety of psychiatric disorders in children/adolescents and adults. Her
commitment to developing deep relationships with each patient allows her to address the issues
at hand and better address the root causes of the disorder.


Happy Woman

“I've worked with Dr. Nanda for about 8 months now and I can't say enough
good things about her. She is patient, direct, non-judgmental and wonderful to be around.”

Happy Man

“Dr. Nanda is a very passionate, caring child psychiatrist. She is not your typical
psychiatrist in the regard that she actually incorporates other treatment modalities in her practice and listens to the needs of her clients/ patients.”

Happy Female

“Dr. Nanda has a conscientious and caring approach to her patients. I have been
very impressed with her ability as a psychiatrist and her passion for the care she brings to her patients.”

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